Pewter, like most metals, is varying wildly in price. As such, we have chosen not to put prices on this web page. Please contact us to obtain pricing or to discuss your specific needs. We think that despite material costs you will be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable these unique fine pewter products can be.
Licensed in Virginia
                                  is hand cast in our own hand-made molds and then hand finished. No two pieces are likely to be exactly the same.

"Genuine" pewter (sometimes labeled "fine pewter") is made from three materials (tin, antimony, and a touch of copper) and cannot contain such toxic materials as lead or cadmium. Only a few manufacturers still adhere to this policy. The addition of lead, for example, reduces material costs and greatly simplifies workability. Unfortunately, it makes it unsuitable for tableware, reduces the luster, and affects the patina which makes pewter more valuable as it ages.
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